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Finding My Cover

November 15, 2009

Pinups RockWe all know the truth about a book cover: it will make or break a book.

A great book will get overlooked because the cover is so cringe-worthy, and the most mediocre of media will get snatched up in a heartbeat because a cover is so beautiful. With blogs, it isn’t quite as drastic as all that, but I know I find myself not revisiting a blog when the layout is difficult to navigate, or the design is obnoxious. I know, I’m shallow that way. 🙂 As far as book covers go, I will be devoting entire posts to this phenomenon [called marketing], but for now, it is with this knowledge I design this l’il internet book nook.

I’m thinking of going sort of kitschy, sexy retro… something nonthreatening – Safe For Work – but… y’know… lusty. Gotta live up to my name! One thing is for certain: DH [Dear Hero] is so going to hate assisting me in the making of a retro-sexy layout. He’s quite addicted to 1950’s body types and lingerie. A true Bettie Page-a-holic. I’m glad we have the same taste in women. 😉